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The year is 21XX LT...(Universal Localised Time) mankind has progressed far in technology, allowing them to explore for the vast reaches of space. This had enabled further research and development for the benefit of mankind.

A distress signal is sent from a research facility in Sector 250B, a zone isolated far off in the depths of the galaxy, home to asteroids and very few life forms. A group of highly trained exterminators are dispatched towards the facility and upon entering the it, they discover the place has been overrun by the HIVE and now they are tasked with eliminating the alien threat before it breaks out and consumes the galaxy.

As the Exterminators, your goal is to go from level to level, eliminating all hostile life forms, utilising the various abilities prescribed to specific roles, managing finite resources and reaching the final boss, eradicating all hostile alien life aboard the facility.

As the HIVE, your goal is to prevent the Exterminators from completing their goal, setting up the various alien creatures determined by the map, dwindling their numbers until they are completely wiped out. Only then can your escape the desolated space of Sector 250B and begin your quest to eliminate all life throughout the galaxy...

In this game a team of 4 players named the "Exterminators" must fight their way through 4 rooms to defeat the 1 player controlling the "HIVE", eradicating them once and for all,

Install instructions

1. Download attached items.

2. Export the Zip file.

3. Print all the PDF files.

4. Cut out all the cards, tiles and boards.

5 Stick the effect 1 and 2 cards back to back.

6. Begin play.

It is recommended that you laminate the player boards, and levels. 


Gameplay.rar 36 MB
RuleBook.pdf 3 MB

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